The Microphone…an opportunity for social media success or “crash and burn”

The Microphone of interview
One part of any business is making yourself available for media interviews. While this is generally a good thing, it’s also loaded with opportunities to put your foot in your mouth. I recently sat down with Greg Jones of The Unfiltered Gentleman podcast to discuss Flat Fish Brewing and taste through a set of our beers. I’m happy to report the interview went pretty well. I didn’t detect much editing and I kept the “mmms” and “uhhs” to a minimum. Greg was a good interviewer. He kept the conversation moving and asked good questions. It also didn’t hurt that we had beer to drink!
Give a listen for some background on me, Flat Fish Brewing, and our beers. I look forward to seeing you at the brewery.

Mike Brown
Head Brewer & Winemaker

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