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  • 16 oz Pint
  • Growlers and Fill: 32 oz | 64 oz

Pint $7
1/2 Pint $4
Tasters $3

Glass Growlers
32oz / $6 Fill – $9
64oz / $8 Fill – $18

Bowen Point – Blond 5.2 ABV

If you’re looking for a beer that’s light and refreshing this is it! Cool fermentation using a northern European ale yeast delivers a lager-like flavor profile.

Bounce Ball – British Brown 5.2% ABV

Lacking your sweet tooth? Bite into this earthy British Brown featuring a hint of lemon & herbs with mild chocolate undertones. The grittiness of the East Kent Golding hops leaves your palate dry & ready for its next sip. Dive into the various layers of this hop. You’ll be surprised by what you pick up.

Amber Jack – American Amber 5.1% ABV

This is your ideal hot day beer. With medium body and a light toast quality. The sweet caramel profile is what highlights this beer. It’s not looking to be fussy, just light & refreshing. We had fun using the German Tettnang hop that really brings a brightness & spicy linger on the end of the palate.

Grunion Runs – American Brown Ale 4.7% ABV

Enjoy this straight forward American Brown Ale, accentuating the classic Chocolate & Caramel notes in the malt backbone. Centennial hops bring a subtle balance with forward citrus undertones.

Flounder Pounder – American Porter 5.4 % ABV

Dessert Arrives! Boasting dark chocolate & Coffee notes. The malt is truly what shines through. There is no avoiding its intense & slightly sweet profile. It’s complemented by earthy Hallertau and dank Cascade hops. Grab a pint & indulge at only 5.4% ABV.

Barn Door Flatty – Pale Ale 6.3% ABV, 38 IBU

Clean/bright tropical nose from Amarillo hops is a great greeting, followed by subtle Cascade aromatics which brings forward a refreshing grapefruit and soft pineapple finish. The hops are not messing around here! Enjoy!

Long Drift – India Pale Ale 6.6% ABV, 55 IBU

Get a fresh bite of peach fuzz out of this one as the Mosaic comes forward through the aroma and enhances its juicy palate. The Citra provides a refreshing citrus-forward, west coast signature. Don’t miss the Simcoe bittering addition that gives a hint of berry!

Turbot Charge – Double Red IPA 7.2% ABV, 95 IBU

Bite into the dense layered hops in this Red Double IPA. Clocking in at 95 IBUs of well-integrated hops and a solid malt backbone!

Pelican Bay – IPA 6.9% ABV

This beer is a showcase for Simcoe and Amarillo hops used throughout the brewing process. The combination delivers a clean light tropical profile with plenty of bitterness for a nice finish. The Pelican Bay malt bill is a little lighter than the Long Drift IPA.