About Flat Fish Brewing Co

What's with the fish?

Our Approach

Make a range of delicious beers! We offer beers with a malty and light hop profile, and beers with plenty of hops to chew on!


Our Story

Flat Fish Brewing Company is an extension of the team that created the Cantara Cellars winery in 2005. Planning for the brewery began in earnest in late 2014 when we leased another 3,500 square feet of production and retail space for our future brewery. It required another four years to round-up money, licenses, and wait for some California alcohol laws to change. In January 2018, laws were enacted that allowed us to serve both beer and wine in a common defined area. We’re one of the first beer and wine manufacturers allowed to operate in this manner.

Meet the Team

Flat Fish Brewing Company is a local family owned and operated brewery.

Mike Brown

Founder, Head Brewer, Winemaker

Mike has been a professional winemaker and frequent home brewer for more than 15 years. He’s had extensive experience developing beverage alcohol products, plus many years of running large manufacturing and service organizations. Mike handles the development of our new products, processes, and technology.

Chris Brown

Founder, Retail Operations Management

Chris handles the retail operations of both Flat Fish Brewing and Cantara Cellars. Covering retail direct-to-consumer sales, wholesale account management, and day-to-day Tap Room operations.

Jesse Johnson

Assistant Brewer and Winemaker, Facilities Management

Jesse handles all the day-to-day challenges of running a brewery-winery facility. He’s¬†also credited with the “Flat Fish” branding concept. As an avid fisherman, he thought keying off Halibut (aka “a flat fish”) in the Channel Islands would be both a fitting tribute and winning brand concept.